A tribute to vegetables

In April we serve different dishes in addition to the à la carte menu. Our chef has selected the most delicious dishes in which fresh vegetables play the leading role. Enjoy your meal!


Gazpacho of peas and leek - € 6,50
Cold soup of peas and leek served with cress and mousseline of peas

Carpaccio of beetroot - € 7,50
Thin sliced beetroot with peach, feta cheese, arugula and raspberry coulis

Main courses

‘Millefeuille with seasonal vegetables' - € 15,50
Lasagna with different seasonal vegetables and mild blue cheese

Vegetable burger - € 15,50
Burger of lentils, mushrooms and seaweed with sweet and sour carrot, Romaine lettuce and wakamé mayonnaise

Zucchini filled with mushroom - € 14,75
Zucchini with Duxelle, mousseline of vegetables, grilled King Boleet and zucchini oil


Crumble of rhubarb served with ice of beetroot - € 6,75

Carrot cake with carrot sorbet and a foam of mango € 6,50