Van der Valk Hotel Arnhem


À la carte menu

Our à la carte menu offers you a wide variety of national and international dishes. In addition, we serve seasonal dishes such as asparagus in the spring, mussels in the summer and game in the fall and winter. We also have vegetarian dishes, senior dishes, and we never forget the little ones! In addition, the menu has various, often seasonal sustainable dishes.


Freshly baked bread, with aioli, herb butter and tapenade  € 5,25

Beef carpaccio with pesto, arugula and a cheese cracker  € 11,50 

Tartar of salmon with horseradish a cream of avocado  € 11,50

Burrata with Parmaham, rocket salad, tomato and aceto balsamic syrup  € 10,50

Tartar of watermelon, frise salad, carrot and feta cream   € 8,50

Carpaccio of swordfish, citrus vinaigrette, hazelnut and smoked mayonnaise  € 11,50

Gambas marinated in lime, coriander and garlic with zucchini spaghetti   € 10,50

Paté Brûleé, served with frisé and raspberry   € 10,50

All appetizers, soups and salads are served with French bread


Tomato soup with basil, crème fraiche and meatballs € 5,75

Grandma’s chicken soup with noodles and spring onions €   5,75

Grandpa’s onion soup with a cheese crouton € 5,75           

Soup of the season (our staff is happy to inform you) € 6,75                   

All appetizers, soups and salads are served with French bread


Salad goat cheese 
Salad with warm goat cheese, figs, pumpkin and red fruit dressing € 13,50 - ½ €  7,50       

Caesar salad
Salad with Roman lettuce, fried chicken, bacon, egg, Parmesan and croutons € 12,50 - ½ €  6,75

Asian salad
Salad with marinated cucumber, fried beef chunks and sesame dressing € 13,50 - ½ €  9,50

Salad Niçoise 
Salad with tuna, haricot verts, olives, onion and egg € 12,50 - ½ €  8,25

All appetizers, soups and salads are served with French bread


Main courses


Our famous schnitzel:

  • served with sauce of your choice € 15,75
  • Forestiere: with mushrooms and bacon, topped with cheese € 17,50

Classic Austrian Cordon bleu filled with ham and cheese  € 16,50

Marinated spareribs, served with sauces and fries  € 19,50

Half cockerel, served with roasted sweet potato  € 18,50

Baked shoulder tender with sauce of your choice  € 16,50

Tournedos, served with mushrooms and cracklings of bacon and red wine sauce  € 24,50

Côtes de boeuf (600 gr for 2 people) of the Big Green Egg BBQ, served with roasted vegetables, red wine sauce and béarnaise sauce  € 39,50

Entrecôte of Uruguayan Black Angus beef prepared on the Big Green Egg BBQ  € 24,50

Duck breast Asian style, served with noodles and teriyaki  € 20,50


Grilled salmon with ‘beurre blanc’, seasonal vegetables and patato muslin  € 21,50

Baked catfish fillet, antiboise and potato muslin   € 19,50 

“Zeeuwse” mussels in a French way, served with fries and sauces  € 18,50

Three fried dover soles with lemon  € 22,50

Fish of the day (Ask our staff for the fish of the day)   € daily price   

Fried North Sea sole (500 – 600 grams), fileted at the table on your request  € 34,50
Only available in the right season


Udon noodles in teriyaki, served with Asian vegetables and tofu  € 15,50   

Melanzane, vegetables lasagne of aubergine, zucchini, mozzarella and tomato  € 16,50  

Vegetarian lentil burger served with fries   € 14,50

All the main courses are served with fries, vegetables and salad. Roasted potatoes on request. Feel free to ask our team for extra vegetables or fries.

Small dishes

Baked small catfish fillet, antiboise and potato muslin € 12,50

Two fried dover soles with lemon € 16,50

Baked shoulder tender medallions with sauce of your choice € 11,50

Small schnitzel Forestiere or served with sauce of your choice € 9,50

All the main courses are served with fries, vegetables and salad. Roasted potatoes on request. Feel free to ask our team for extra vegetables or fries.


Our classic sorbet with fruit, forest fruit and whipped cream € 4,75 

Dame Blanche: vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream € 6,75

Ice cream “Vitesse”
Pannacotta from eggnog and chocolate with "Vitesse" ice cream € 6,50

‘White chocolate mousse with raspberry and chocolate shells € 6,75

Crème brûleé with Licor 43 ice cream € 7,50

Coffee of your choice, served with various delicacies € 7,50             

Cheese sampler
Various organic Dutch cheeses served with rich fruit loafand fig compote € 8,75

Menu of the month

Every month, our chef puts together a menu of choice in addition to the a la carte menu, taking into account seasonal products. 3-course menu € 24,50


Menu of the month July 

Soup of your choice (tomato, chicken, onion or soup of the season)
Tartar of watermelon, frise salad, carrot and feta cream
Burrata with Parmaham, rocket salad, tomato and aceto balsamic syrup

Main courses

Menu of the month July

Escalope with sauce of your choice (mushroom sauce, béarnaise sauce, pepper sauce, mustard sauce, stroganoff sauce or truffle sauce)
Grilled chickenbreast filled with pesto, cream cheese and Parmaham
Fish & Chips with lemon mayonnaise
Noodles teriyaki, served with Asian vegetables and tofu


Menu of the month July

Cheesecake in a glass
Sorbet Royale
‘Special Valk Coffee’
Coffee with our own rum, tailored to our coffee beans for the ultimate taste experience

Kids Menu

Especially for our young guests, we have developed a very special menu: ‘Van der Valk World Eaters.’ The dishes are adventurous, responsible and surprisingly delicious. And on top of that, we support a great charity with the kids menu: KidsRights.

With the new menu, we are trying to challenge children from 4 to 12 to try something different than the traditional kids menu. The menu provides great entertainment at the table with the various stories and facts about the countries that served as an inspiration for the menus.

A kids menu consists of soup, a main course and a children-size ice cream and costs € 12.50 ("Hollandse Pot" costs € 10,50). The main course can also be ordered separately for € 8.50 (the main course of “Hollandse Pot” for € 5.25). Every six months we will ‘refresh’ the menu with new countries, facts and dishes. 

The main courses from the kids menu are:

  • South African BBQ. Steak and vegetable skewer. Served with vegetable sticks, French fries and applesauce.
  • Swedish Salmon. Baked salmon with baby carrots. With French fries, Hollandaise sauce and vegetable sticks.
  • Italian Pizza Margherita. Italian pizza Margherita. Served with vegetable sticks, a green salad and grated cheese.
  • Stir-fried Chicken menu. Chicken with stir-fried wok vegetables in a sweet and sour sauce. Served with noodles, vegetable sticks and prawn crackers.
  • Hawaiian Loco Moco Burger menu. A deliciously seasoned hamburger in a bun with a fried egg. Served with crudités, fresh fruit and French fries.
  • Dutch Delight menu. Delicious French fries with a choice of: schnitzel, meat croquette, cheese soufflé, frikandel or chicken nuggets. Served with vegetable sticks, apple sauce and mayonnaise.