Van der Valk Hotel Arnhem



From 12 PM we invite you at Restaurant "De Veluwe" where you can put together your lunch based on our à la carte menu.

In addition, we serve an extensive lunch buffet from Monday to Friday between 12.30 PM and 2 PM, consiting of the following items:

  • Various breads
  • Various meats
  • Cheese
  • Sweet condiments
  • Butter
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Milk and Buttermilk
  • Fruit
  • Salad and vegetables
  • Soup du Jour
  • 4 alternating hot side dishes

Price per person € 15,00

We have a minimum number of reservations of 15 people. If there are less reservations, the lunch buffet is cancelled.

À la carte

You can join us at our cozy restaurant all day long, with plenty of people visiting. From 12 PM we serve dishes from our a la carte menu (lunch or dinner).


Nowadays, sustainable enterepreneurship is a must. That is why, on our menu, we have a number of organic, often local dishes. On the menu, you can recognize these dishes by the globe icon.

Lunch dishes

Focaccia Caprese
Warm focaccia with tomato, mozzarella, pesto and rucola - € 6,50

‘Grilled Cheese Sandwich’
With ham and cheese, served with fries and spicy ketchup - € 6,50

Italian Carpaccio bread roll
Italian bread roll with carpaccio, Parmesan, truffle mayonnaise, arugula and pine-nuts - € 10,50

Club sandwich salmon
With smoked salmon, lettuce, herbal cheese, red onion and cucumber - € 14,50

Club sandwich chicken
With chicken, herbal cheese, lettuce, cucumber, bacon, boiled egg, cheese and cocktail sauce - € 9,75

‘Bio Hamburger XL’
Brioche bread with a tender burger (200 grams 100% beef), cheese, onion ring and bacon, served with fries and salad - € 13,50

Bagel pastrami
With pastrami, piccalilli spread and mixed lettuce - € 7,50

Large chicken skewer
Served with peanut sauce, pickles, green salad, fried onions and fries - € 12,50

Lunch special
Monthly changing sandwich with a cup of soup of your choice and a glass of orange juice - € 12,50


‘Lunch snack’
Two soft white or brown bread rolls with a croquette, roast beef served with ham and coleslaw - € 8,75

Two beef croquettes with sliced white or brown bread - € 6,75     

Fried eggs or omelette of your choice
Served with sliced white or brown bread - € 7,75

‘Jumbo’ fried eggs
Served with sliced white or brown bread, ham, cheese and roast beef - € 8,75

Omelette smoked salmon
Served with sliced white or brown bread - € 12,50


Salad goat cheese 
Salad with warm goat cheese, figs, pumpkin and red fruit dressing € 13,50 - ½ €  7,50       

Caesar salad
Salad with Roman lettuce, fried chicken, bacon, egg, Parmesan and croutons € 12,50 - ½ €  6,75

Asian salad
Salad with marinated cucumber, fried beef chunks and sesame dressing € 13,50 - ½ €  9,50

Salad Niçoise 
Salad with tuna, haricot verts, olives, onion and egg € 12,50 - ½ €  8,25

Kids lunch

We serve the dishes below to children up to 12 years:

Kids-size cup of soup: tomato, chicken or soup of the season - € 2.75

Lunch special: 1 soft white or brown bun with a croquette, 1 soft white or brown bun with sweet condiments (chocolate spread, peanut butter or chocolate sprinkles) - € 5.50

1 slice of bread (white or brown) with choice of ham or cheese, chocolate spread, peanut butter or chocolate sprinkles - €   2.50