Liberation Route

The Liberation Route allows you to experience the events that unraveled around Arnhem, Nijmegen on de Veluwe and in North Brabant in 1944 and 1945. At 77 locations in the area, you’ll find marked field stones, the so-called listening spot. At every listening spot, you’ll can hear an audio play about the impressive adventures of one or more people in the years ’44-’45. The stories from those places can be heard by calling 0900 54 23 728 or you can download them for free at

The Liberation Route follows the path walked by the allied forces during the liberation of Europe. The route begins at Normandy and goes via Nijmegen, Arnhem and the South Veluwe to Berlin. The region  Arnhem/Nijmegen/South-Veluwe played a leading role on the global stage at the end of the Second World War.

To liberate the Netherlands, the allied forces launched Operation Market Garden in September 1944. Despite the fact that it was one of the largest air landing operations in history, the operation was only partly a success. Nijmegen was freed, but the allied forces were unable to retain Arnhem. The Veluwe awaited a rough winter as well.

In February 1045, the grand finale of the liberation was launched in this area., Operation Veritable. This operation was the launch of the major Rijnland offensive, a battle that fits right in with the likes of Stalingrad, Normandy and Berlin. Military personnel and civilians were the participants in the incalculable war roulette that was about surviving or dying, about joy and sadness. Eventually, freedom was regained.

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At the history of Gelderland comes to life:

Gelderland has a rich history, one that goes back thousands of years, and has lefts its marks in the landscape. The website takes you on a journy through that Gelderland history. You will be introduced to grave hills, marching soldiers, murder crosses and impressive castles. But also steam pumping stations and stone quarries are present. And how about the strong forts, royal estates, occupiers, liberators, atom bunkers and the Red Dankger. Gelderland: an area with an exciting history!

Eight timelines with 200 historic places
At you'll find over 80 historic locations from important eras, the so-called timelines, and that number is increasing. In the spring of 2014, the website will contain over 200 historic places and eight timelines. With every timeline, you can read the story about that period and you'll find all places in Gelderland where you'll be introduced to a remarkable history. The website does not only provide written information about historic places, but mainly a lot of image and sound. A video or audio story has been created for every location, one that brings the history to life. Often it tells you something you would never expect. You can download that audio and video free of charge at the website. If you're at the location, you can also do it via the mobile website 

Packages, routes and events
In addition to audio, video and historic information, also gives suggestions for routes, packages and events for each historic place. This makes it even easier to enjoy the rich and exciting history of Gelderland in a fun way. You'll see beautiful places, travel across great routes and will enjoy the beautiful landscape. You'll discover that the history of Gelderland is very vibrant!

On your smartphone as well
The historic places can be easily identified during your visit to Gelderland. At all locations, you'll find a striking marking with, in most cases, a QR code. By scanning it, you'll be sent the audio or video of the place where you're at directly to your smartphone. Do you have mobile internet and are you at the historic location, but do you not want to scan a QR code? If so, check You'll automatically be redirected to the pages that is about that specific place. This helps you easily discover the exciting history of Gelderland, using your smartphone!

For children
The history of Gelderland is also interesting to children. The youth ambassadors Tom and Katja, undertake interesting adventures as history detectives. At they will soon give tips about which historic places are extra interesting to children from 10 to 14 and their (grand) parents.