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Green Key Gold

The GOLDEN GREEN KEY certification is in our possession for another two years. We are proud of all employees, because everyone contributes to socially responsible entrepreneurship. On March 7th 2013, we were awarded the green key after having been inspected  again on February 21st*.

We hereby provide you with general information about Green Key:

The Green Key is the international label for businesses in the tourist and recreational industry and in the market for meeting and congress locations, that make serious and demonstrable efforts in terms of sustainability. Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship (SRE) with care for environment in the company and nature in their vicinity.

The Green Key guarantees the voluntary commitment of the entrepreneur to do more for the environment than Law and legislation requires. The GREEN KEY is a means to communicate the sustainable image of the company towards guests, governments and business relationships.

To qualify for the Green Key, entrepreneurs must take a lot of measures regarding environmental care and SRE. These measures are partially compulsory, partially optional. Green Key Nederland has three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The more optional measures an entrepreneur takes, the higher the outcome. Van der Valk Hotel Arnhem has a Golden certificate.

Source: www.greenkey.nl

* Green Key has granted dispensation with regard to a number of lighting spots until March 1st 2015.

SRE statement

Dear guest,

The unique location of Hotel Arnhem contributes greatly to the success of our company. Amidst nature, at the beautiful Veluwe, we have been receiving guests for over 25 years and we hope to do so for many more decades. Nature is extremely important to us, which is also why Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship is given great priority with us.

We aim to minimize our own environmental burden where possible. Various projects to achieve this goal have meanwhile been launched. In addition, we meet the following agreements:

  • We actively contribute to the development of our professional field and transfer our knowledge to those who want to learn the trade;
  • Our work relationships (guests, colleagues and suppliers) are informed about our Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship policy;
  • We supervise the separation of waste by staff and encourage separate of waste by our guests;
  • We voluntarily contribute to social goals, through donations and sponsoring;
  • We continuously work on improving our own procurement process, in terms of materials and services with an environmental and / or social label;
  • We have signed a sustainability statement with our biggest suppliers and we have developed a sustainable procurement policy which is available on our website. In addition, we always devote a chapter of our annual report to Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship;
  • To support our immediate environment, we have informed the neighborhood of the fact that our nightly front desk staff is available in case of an emergency;
  • To demonstrate our social commitment, we sponsor the cause KidsRights. In collaboration with the Nationaal Ouderenfonds, we also organize a day for elderly people around Christmas, to allow them to enjoy the facilities at a favorable rate.

Currently, the 4th generation of Valken is at the helm at Hotel Arnhem. By engaging in Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship and by continuously anticipating on environment and surroundings, we hope that the 8th generation of Valken will still be able to welcome your great grand children at Hotel Arnhem a 100 years from now!

On behalf of the directors and management team,

Bart van der Valk
Arnhem, 2014

Sustainable procurement policy

At Van der Valk Hotel Arnhem we pursue a sustainable procurement policy, which also stimulates the market towards a more innovational and sustainable procurement approach. We do this by making a conscious choice in every purchase, by investigating the entire product lifecycle, from growth to recycling and by considering the possibility of fair-trade, bio certified and / or local products. In our choices regarding the procurement of products, we observe the effect on the environment and mankind. In this, we regard every product and service individually, due to which the choice of the suppliers and the products is based on what is best for the environment and the surroundings.

As part of our SRE policy and to turn our environment into a healthier and better living and working climate, we pursue the procurement of products and materials  that are certified by an environmental label or that are fair-trade, recyclable, bio-certified, energy efficient or local. We attempt to limit our waste through the use of compostable materials and by separating several waste fractions. With our biggest suppliers, we have signed a sustainability statement in which we have made concrete agreements regarding the development of a more sustainable policy and partnership. We also prefer suppliers who have a sustainability policy and supply sustainable goods.

The purpose is to map guidelines that stimulate the procurement of sustainable products and services, without compromising the performance of the hotel. In the procurement of products, long-term savings, opposed to short-term savings. We acknowledge that waste can be reduced by using recyclable products and products made of compostable and recyclable materials. By buying organic products, we contribute to the creation of a pesticide-free world and through the procurement of local products, we pursue the reduction of the CO2 emissions caused by transport. In support of this initiative, the hotel, as an integral part of the procurement process, will ask suppliers to indicate when an alternative product is on the market, which is fair-trade or eco certified.



  • Procurement manager & Chief Technical Service
  • Green Team
  • Hotel manager

The procurement objectives are revised and assessed at least annually. The performances are evaluated and new objectives will be formulated.

Procurement guidelines  

  • Selecting F&B products that are less environmentally unfriendly and more socially responsible *
  • Reducing the use of environmentally unfriendly components. This is done by using:
    • Cleaning and dishwashing agents with an environmental label (EU Ecolabel, EcoCert)
    • Fire extinguishers with the label Milieukeur
  • Limiting packaging material by minimizing mono packaging of sugar, coffee creamer, meats, cheese, yoghurt, granola, cornflakes and coffee cookies
  • Preferring local suppliers, suppliers who supply sustainable goods or suppliers with whom we have signed a sustainability statement. By signing the sustainability statement, the supplier indicates that he commits to responsible entrepreneurship and a sustainable partnership
  • Inquiring about sustainable construction materials during new construction, remodeling and / or renovation
  • Realizing production processes that are less harmful due to the procurement of paper that is less environmentally unfriendly, with an environmental label, such as Europees Ecolabel, Nordic Swan or Blaue Engel, FSC of PEFC provided that they are ECF/TCF
  • Limiting residual waste by separating waste fractions (paper, carton board, glass, KGA, cartridges and toners, swill and cans)
  • Applying energy saving measures by buying energy efficient lighting, such as LED PL, TL and CFLs (contrary to halogen and incandescent). In addition, energy efficient equipment with an A label is bought
  • Applying water saving measures by realizing a maximum throughput of 9 liters per minute, at the taps 3.8 liters per minute and at the toilets 6 liters per flush. To realize this throughput, water limiters are purchased
  • When purchasing new equipment, energy efficient and water efficient equipment is preferred

* Products that are less environmentally unfriendly or socially responsible products are understood to mean products with acknowledged certifications, such as EKO, Europees biologisch keurmerk, Label rouge, Fair trade, Max Havelaar, UTZ, Rainforest Alliance, MSC (Marine Stewardship Council), USDA Organic, Soil Association, Krav, Bio-garantielabel, Bio-Siegel, Demeter, Milieukeur, Europees Ecolabel, Biologique (AB). In addition, this includes local products.



"Every kid has talents, every kid has dreams. KidsRights believes that every kid has the right to develop the potential within them."

Van der Valk Hotel Arnhem agrees with this, and therefore has been sponsoring this organization for many years. Peter and Gera Van der Valk are involved with KidsRights in various ways. Will you join them?

KidsRights fights for the position of very vulnerable children anywhere in the world. KidsRight gives these children direct, customized help and asks attention for their position and rights. KidsRights helps by funding existing, succesful local projects that focus on 5 essential basic needs: healthcare, nourishment, education, shelter and attention. In addition, KidsRights asks attention by offering children a stage, children that are often unable to seek the attention of the world themselves. As Nobel Peace prize winner Desmond Tutu said: "KidsRights seeks to give a voice to the voiceless."

Want to know more about KidsRights? Please click here.



Hotel Arnhem has a so-called CHP installation. Combined Heat and Power technology converts gas into both electricity and heat in onw process. In other words, double return. That is why this tried technology is acknowledged around the world as a more environmentally friendly alternative for the traditional centralized forms of energy generation. In addition, it offers countless of financial and operational advantages:

-       Reduction of the primary energy costs up to 30%

-       Savings in investments of, for instance, boilers

-       Government grants

-       Tax benefits

-       Increased reliability in the energy supply

-       Efficient use of fossile fuels (total return up to more than 90%)

-       Possibility of private emergency power supply

-       Lower CO2-emission

Charging points electric cars

It is possible to charge your car at Hotel Arnhem. With our charging stations it is possible to perform a rapid charge (DC) and a normal charge (AC).