Sustainibility at Hotel Arnhem

Van der Valk Hotel Arnhem is committed to sustainability. On this page you can read more about our sustainable initiatives.

Our sustainability initiatives

Golden Green Key certification

The GOLD GREEN KEY certification is in our possession!

We are proud of all employees, because everyone contributes his or her part to corporate social responsibility.

Green Key is the international seal of approval for companies in the tourism and recreation industry, and in the market for meeting and conference venues, that are serious and verifiable about sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), with care for the environment on the company and nature in their surroundings.

Green Key guarantees the entrepreneur's voluntary commitment to do more for the environment than required by laws and regulations. It is a means to communicate the company's sustainable image to guests, governments and business relations.

To qualify for the Green Key, entrepreneurs must take many measures related to environmental care and CSR. These measures are partly mandatory, partly optional. Green Key Netherlands has three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The more optional measures a business completes, the higher the final result. Van der Valk Hotel Arnhem has a Gold certificate.


CSR statement

Dear Guest,

The unique location of Hotel Arnhem contributes greatly to the success of our business. In the middle of nature, on the beautiful Veluwe, we have been receiving guests for almost 40 years, and we hope to continue doing so for decades to come. Nature is very important to us and partly for this reason, sustainable business is high on our list of priorities.

We strive daily to reduce our own environmental impact as much as possible and to deal with our environment as consciously as possible. Some of the initiatives we employ are:

  • Our guests, colleagues and suppliers are informed about our sustainability policy;
  • We monitor waste separation by staff and encourage waste separation by our guests;
  • We contribute to various social causes through donations and sponsorships. For example, we sponsor the charity KidsRights and organize a Christmas dinner every year for the National Elderly Fund;
  • We continuously work to improve our own purchasing process and give preference to responsible products with an environmental and/or social label such as cleaning products, hand soap and printing, toilet, and kitchen paper;
  • Our kitchen works with organic products whenever possible, preferably from the region;
  • The coffee grounds waste is separated and processed as pallet fuel;
  • The flooring in the hotel is made from recycled fishing nets;
  • As a partner of "Fish & Season," we encourage sustainable fishing;
  • We have signed a sustainability declaration with our biggest suppliers, and we have a sustainable purchasing policy which can be found on our website;
  • There are multiple charging stations for electric cars, bicycles and scooters;
  • We value nature. Therefore we promote cycling and walking routes and a visit to the Hoge Veluwe.

Do you have any tips or suggestions for sustainability? We would love to hear them!

Currently the "4th generation Valken" in Hotel Arnhem is at the helm. By doing business in a socially responsible way and continuously anticipating the environment and surroundings, we hope that the 8th generation Valken will still be able to welcome your great-grandchildren in Hotel Arnhem in 100 years time!

On behalf of the board and management team,

Bart van der Valk
Arnhem, February 2023

Sustainable procurement policy


At Van der Valk Hotel Arnhem, we strive for a sustainable purchasing policy that also stimulates the market towards a more innovative and sustainable approach to purchasing. We do this by making a conscious choice with every purchase, examining the entire product life cycle from growth to decline and considering the possibility of fair-trade, bio-certified and/or regional products. When making choices regarding product purchases, we consider the impact on the environment and humanity. In doing so, we look at each product and service in isolation, making the choice of suppliers and products based on what is best for the environment and the environment.


As part of our CSR policy to make our environment a healthier and better place to live and work, we strive to purchase products and materials that are certified with an eco-label or that are fair-trade, recyclable, bio-certified, energy-efficient or local. We try to reduce our waste as much as possible by using compostable materials and separating multiple waste fractions. We have signed a sustainability declaration with our largest suppliers in which we have made concrete agreements regarding the development of a more sustainable policy and cooperation. We also give preference to suppliers who have a sustainability policy and supply sustainable goods.


The goal is to identify guidelines that encourage the procurement of sustainable products and services without compromising hotel performance. When purchasing products, we look at long-term savings as opposed to short-term cost savings. We recognize that waste can be reduced by using reusable products as well as compostable and recyclable materials. By purchasing organic products, we contribute to creating a pesticide-free world, and by purchasing local produce, we strive to reduce CO2 emissions created by transportation. In support of this initiative, as an integral part of the purchasing process, the hotel will ask suppliers to indicate when there is an alternative product on the market that is fair-trade or eco-certified.



  • Purchasing Manager & Head of Technical Services
  • Green Team
  • Hotel Manager

Procurement objectives will be reviewed and assessed at least annually. Performance is evaluated and new objectives will be formulated.

Purchasing Guidelines

Selecting less environmentally damaging and socially responsible F&B products*.
Reduce the use of environmentally harmful ingredients. This is done by using:

  • Eco-labeled cleaning and barrel detergents (EU Ecolabel, EcoCert)
  • Fire extinguishers with the Ecolabel label
  • Reducing packaging materials by minimizing mono-packaging for sugar, evaporated milk, meat products, cheese, yogurt, muesli, cereal and coffee biscuits
  • Giving preference to local suppliers, suppliers who supply sustainable goods or suppliers with whom a sustainability declaration has been signed. By signing the sustainability statement, the supplier is indicating its commitment to responsible business practices and a sustainable partnership
  • Inquire about sustainable building materials during new construction, remodeling and/or renovations
  • Ensure less harmful production processes by purchasing less environmentally harmful paper with an eco-label such as European Ecolabel, Nordic Swan or
  • Blue Angel, FSC or PEFC provided they are ECF/TCF
  • Reducing residual waste by separating waste fractions (paper, cartons, glass, KGA, cartridges and toners, swill and cans)
  • Apply energy-saving measures by purchasing energy-efficient lighting such as LED, PL, fluorescent and energy-saving bulbs (as opposed to halogen and incandescent bulbs). Also, energy-efficient equipment is purchased with an A label. We are currently in the process of replacing the last non-efficient lighting.
  • Apply water-saving measures by achieving a maximum flow rate of 9 liters per minute at showers, 3.8 liters per minute at faucets and 6 liters per flush at toilets. To achieve this flow rate, water flow restrictors will be purchased.
  • When purchasing new equipment, preference will be given to energy-efficient and water-saving equipment.

* Less environmentally damaging products or socially responsible products are understood to be products with recognized certifications, such as EKO, Europe es organic label, Label rouge, Fair Trade, Max Havelaar, UTZ, Rainforest Alliance, MSC (Marine Stewardship Council), USDA Organic, Soil Association, Krav, Bio-garantielabel, Bio-Siegel, Demeter, Milieukeur, European Ecolabel, Biologique (AB). Also includes regional products.


Because Van der Valk, as a family business, also wants to do something for children who are less fortunate, we support the organization KidsRights. This organization stands up for the position of vulnerable children all over the world. With our children's menu, we specifically support the KidsRights Changemakers Movement. The KidsRights Changemakers Movement is a worldwide online platform especially for the brave children and young people who take action for children's rights; the changemakers. On this platform these young changemakers can find, support, inspire and mobilize each other, but also be followed by others, receive (financial) support and create a growing support base. Read more about all the changemakers. With the World Eaters menu, Van der Valk supports the changemakers within the KidsRights Movement, recognizing the power of children in the realization, promotion and implementation of children's rights.

So dining out with the kids is not only adventurous, but you are also supporting the KidsRights Changemakers!

Cogenerarion plan

Hotel Arnhem owns a so-called cogeneration plant. Cogeneration technology converts gas into both electricity and heat in one process. A double efficiency, in other words. This is why this proven technology is recognized worldwide as a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional centralized forms of energy generation. It also offers numerous financial and operational advantages:

  • Reductions in primary energy costs of up to 30%.
  • Savings on investments in boilers, for example
  • Government subsidies
  • Tax benefits
  • Increased reliability in the supply of energy
  • Efficient use of fossil fuels (overall efficiency up to more than 90%)
  • Possibility of own emergency power supply
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
Electric car charging point

It is possible to charge your electric car at Hotel Arnhem. With our charging points it is possible to fast charge (DC) and to charge 'normally' (AC).