Festive - culinary

A successful drink, party or reception naturally includes a festive culinary interpretation. On this page you will find the culinary options for a festive gathering.

Lunch buffet

From 12.00 - 17.00 we serve an extensive semi-live-cooking lunch buffet in our renovated restaurant.

The lunch buffet includes:

  • Soup of the day
  • Different types of bread
  • Various meats and cheeses
  • Variety of sweet treats and hand fruit
  • Salad buffet with various fresh salads and dressings
  • Selection of hot dishes
  • During the entire lunch you can make unlimited use of fresh orange juice, coffee, tea and buttermilk

€ 17.50 per adult
€ 10.00 per child

The lunchbuffet is served from 25 adults

A la carte buffet

Would you like to enjoy a dinner buffet with your group, but would you like to have an influence on how it is arranged? Then our a la carte buffet is the ideal solution!

Choose at least 4 starters:

  • Carpaccio with pesto mayonnaise, Parmesan cheese, arugula and pine nuts | € 3.50
  • Selection of Italian and Spanish charcuterie with matching garnishes | € 3.50
  • Salad caprese with tomato, buffalo mozzarella and pesto | €2.75
  • Vitello tonnato with tuna mayonnaise, capers, chives and red onion | €3.00
  • Roast veal loin with sesame dressing, bean sprouts and spring onion | €3.00
  • Fruits de mer | € 3.50
  • Various salads | €2.75
  • Norwegian shrimp shrimp cocktail | €3.00
  • Herring with onion, sour garnish and rye bread | € 2.50
  • Bread with herb butter and muhammara | € 2.50 

Choose at least 3 main courses:


  • Chicken thighs with chorizo, beans and parsley | € 5.00
  • Pork neck with fried wild mushrooms, own gravy and rosemary | € 5.00
  • Sliced ​​beef medallions with fried onion, mushrooms and sage | € 5.50
  • Sous vide cooked beef stew with gremolata and jus de veau | € 5.75
  • Game stew with bell pepper, mushrooms and silver onions | € 5.00


  • Poached hake fillet, tomato and ginger | € 5.50
  • Fried sea bass with bearnaise sauce | € 5.00
  • Fried sea bream with lobster sauce | € 5.00
  • Prawns in garlic and pepper oil | € 5.50
  • Redfish with pernod sauce | €5.25


  • Cannelloni filled with ricotta, spinach, tomato sauce and mozzarella | €4.75
  • Vegetarian lasagna of zucchini, bell pepper, eggplant and Parmesan cheese | €4.75
  • Panzerotti filled with wild mushrooms and ricotta cheese in a creamy mushroom sauce with spring onion and fresh tomato | €4.75
  • Risotto with basil pesto, tomato, Parmesan cheese and bell pepper | € 5.00
  • Spanish potato tortilla | € 4.50

Choose at least 1 vegetable and side dish:

  • French fries | €2.75
  • Baked potatoes with garlic and rosemary | €3.00
  • Potato gratin with Emmental cheese and spinach | €3.00
  • Rice | € 2.50
  • Ratatouille with Provencal herbs | €3.00
  • Broccoli with Hollandaise sauce | € 2.50
  • Green asparagus with green herbs and onion | € 2.50
  • Haricots verts with garlic and fried bacon | €3.00


  • Omelette Siberian | € 6.00
  • Extensive dessert buffet | €7.50
Seasonal buffet

Our chefs work with fresh and seasonal products. In this way you will be surprised every season by the different dishes. Especially for larger groups, you can enjoy a seasonal buffet inspired by seasonal dishes. From winter game dishes and stews to summer white asparagus and barbecue dishes.

Costs per person: € 37.50 

The seasonal buffet is served from 25 people

Three course menu

Would you rather enjoy a served course menu in our restaurant with your group? Every season our chef prepares a 3-, 4- and 5-course dinner for you, consisting of fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. Your guests put together their own menu and we provide a personalized menu.

3-course: € 37.50 per person
4-courses: € 47.50 per person
5-course: € 54.50 per person

The three course menu can be booked from 16 to a maximum of 25 people. 

Walking dinner

Would you like to enjoy delicious, small dishes? The walking dinner consists of a minimum of six courses and can be expanded to a maximum of 10 courses. Ideal to combine with a drink, reception or party evening!

For the walking dinner you can choose from the following dishes:

  • Steak tartare with truffle mayonnaise and Parmesan cheese
  • Vitello tonato with tuna mayonnaise and capers
  • Mackerel with brioche, goat cheese and peas
  • Bisque with Dutch shrimps and crème frache
  • Scallops with wakamé, edamame and antiboise
  • Sirloin steak with onion, mushrooms and gravy
  • Slowly cooked pork medallion with potato mousseline and pumpkin
  • Tortellini with butter and sage sauce
  • Cheese platter with bread and confit
  • Panna cotta with red fruit and vanilla ice cream

* 6-courses: € 37.50 per person
* 7 courses: € 42.50 per person
* 8 courses: € 47.50 per person
* 9 courses: € 54.50 per person
* 10-courses: € 61.50 per person

The walking dinner can be reserved from 25 people

Shared dining

Enjoy the 'shared dining' concept with your group. Our kitchen brigade prepares delicious dishes in three courses, which are served on wooden boards on the table.

The shared dining concept consists of the following dishes:


  • Beef carpaccio with truffle mayonnaise, arugula, Parmesan cheese 
  • Fruits de mer/fish dish
  • Buffalo mozzarella with tomato and pesto
  • Bread board with various dips

Main courses

  • Sliced steak with red wine sauce
  • Slow roasted chicken with lemon and rosemary
  • Fish of the moment with seasonal vegetables
  • Panzerotti filled with ricotto served with wild mushrooms, cherry tomato and spring onion


  • Various small desserts

Costs per person: € 37.50 per person

The shared dining concept is served from 25 people. For the vegetarian version, see the heading 'Shared dining - vegetarian'.

Shared dining - vega

Enjoy the 'shared dining' concept with your group, completely with vegetarian dishes. Our kitchen brigade prepares delicious dishes in three courses, which are served on wooden boards on the table.

The shared dining concept consists of the following dishes:


  • Gazpacho with cucumber, mint and crouton
  • Caprese with mozzarella, tomato and basil
  • Grilled vegetables with green asparagus and Vadouvan

Main courses

  • Pide with falaffel, baba ganoush and yogurt
  • Orzo with spinach, garlic, feta and sundried tomato
  • Cannelloni with wild mushrooms and ricotta
  • Spanish potato tortilla, onions, bell pepper and muhammara


  • Various small desserts

Costs per person: € 37.50

The shared dining concept is served from 25 people.

Arnhem drink hour

According to Hotel Arnhem, the drinks are an important building block for a successful afternoon or evening. Have you had a meeting or gathering and would you like to close it in a pleasant way? Enjoy our Arnhem drink hour carefree with colleagues, friends or family.

The Arnhem drink hour is for one hour and can be extended in consultation. During the drink hour you can make unlimited use of:

* Coffee and tea
* Soft drinks
* Fruit juices
* House wines (white, red and rosé)
* Draft beers

* Table nuts
* Two bitterballen per person

Costs per person: € 9.50

Individual meeting snacks

Food gives you energy and keeps you sharp. Extra important for an intensive meeting or gathering. These snacks can be ordered separately at a time of your choice.

  • Marinated olives with feta | € 4.50
  • Freshly baked bread with dips | € 6.50
  • Tuna pate | served with toast and aïoli | €7.25
  • Mackerel fillet with pickle in spicy oil | served with toast and aïoli | €7.25
  • Sardines with vegetables in spicy oil | served with toast and aïoli | €7.25
  • Bitterballen with mustard | 8 pieces | €7.50
  • Cheese sticks with chili sauce | 8 pieces | €7.50
  • Gamba croquettes with mayonnaise | 6 pieces | €7.50
  • Vegetarian spring rolls with chili sauce | 8 pieces | €7.50
  • Bitter garnish | 8 pieces | €7.50
  • Borrelcones | 12 pieces | € 24.50
  • Charcuterie | various meats, cheeses and olives | €14.50
  • Snackplatter mix | cheese sticks, bitterballen, types of cheese, raw ham, dried sausage, truffle mayonnaise and bread | €18.50 (large) | €12.50 (small)