The family

Since 1980 Peter and Gera van der Valk have been at the helm of  ‘West-End’. Due to its popularity, it doesn´t take them long to decide to expand the company with a hotel complex, and not without success: in 2015, Hotel Arnhem has 100 hotel rooms in seven categories, 10 meeting rooms, a restaurant, hotel bar and a fitness and wellness area.

The special branch near downtown Arnhem and the tranquility of the Veluwe is no longer called  ‘West-End’, but Hotel Arnhem. That name change was implemented for brand awareness. People in the region know the name ‘West-End’ and it is still displayed on the building, but for the rest of the Netherlands and beyond, the name is not clear. The current name tells you exactly where Hotel Arnhem can be found.

Of course, Hotel Arnhem is evolving over time, according to zeitgeist and customer wishes. For this reason, 2007 marked the start of a large-scale renovation of the hotel. The two floors with meeting rooms have become light, modern, and sleek areas, adjusted to all wishes of the corporate guest. In addition, all hotel rooms have been fully renovated, 22 of which have been newly built.

From the outside, the many new elements within the hotel are not immediately visible, because the front view of the hotel hasn’t changed over 25 years. To change this, the terrace has been given a new look in the summer of 2010. The areas have been expanded, there are new awnings, and the planters are a colorful addition.

In addition to the renovation of the hotel interior, there are also developments in the management of the hotel. In the spring of 2009, Marije van der Valk was added to the management team together with her partner Thijs Boomkens. Marije, Thijs and Bart are now responsible for the daily management of the hotel,, Peter and Gera van der Valk are taking a step back. The torch has been passed to the children, the so-called ‘fourth Valk generation’.  

The arrival of the fourth generation, does not immediately mean a different course for Hotel Arnhem. The traditions and values of the Valk concern are not forgotten. Personal attention for the guest, remains the most important. The management team is ambitions, and is looking forward to a future of hospitality.

Mission & Vision

We aim to surpass the need from the leisure and corporate market by means of a specific but flexible package of facilities for both target groups. We realize this by demonstrating extensive hospitality in which we never lose track of our social responsibility. Every day, we try our versy best to provide the service, products and services desired by the guest. 

We believe that realizing this mission is a directly related to the commitment of our employees, management and directors, due to which our guests experience a stay at Hotel Arnhem as 'coming home at the Veluwe". 

We offer our guests a unique experience of homeliness and hospitability at a fair price . 

On behalf of Van der Valk Hotel Arnhem


Management Team
Bart van der Valk, Thijs Boomkens & Marije van der Valk