Business - culinary

We think it is important that you and your guests lack nothing. On this page you will find the culinary options for your meeting, meeting or other occasion.

Work lunch

Would you like to enjoy a tasty lunch in peace? Between 12.00 and 15.00 we are happy to provide a working lunch in the meeting room.

The working lunch consists of:

  • A cup of soup
  • Two mini sandwiches
  • Puff pastry snack
  • Nutella muffin
  • Carafe of fresh orange juice
  • Carafe of milk

Costs per person: €19.50 (excluding room hire)

Meeting buffet

Are you ready for a short interruption or conclusion of your meeting or gathering? We are happy to provide a meeting buffet in the room.

The meeting buffet includes: 

  • One warm meat or fish dish
  • One warm vegetarian dish
  • Salad bar with various fresh salads and dressings
  • French fries

Costs per person: € 24.50 (excluding room hire)

The meeting buffet is reserved from 10 people

Business dinner

Would you rather enjoy a course menu in our restaurant with your group? Every season our chef prepares a 3-, 4- and 5-course dinner for you, consisting of fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. Your guests put together their own menu and this is served in our restaurant on the ground floor.

3-course: € 39.50 per person
4-courses: € 47.50 per person
5-course: € 54.50 per person

The business dinner is served up to a maximum of 20 people

Arnhem drink hour

According to Hotel Arnhem, the drinks are an important building block for a successful afternoon or evening. Have you had a meeting or gathering and would you like to close it in a pleasant way? Enjoy our Arnhem drink hour carefree with colleagues, friends or family.

The Arnhem drink hour is for one hour and can be extended in consultation. During the drink hour you can make unlimited use of:

* Coffee and tea
* Soft drinks
* Fruit juices
* House wines (white, red and rosé)
* Draft beers

* Table nuts
* Two bitterballen per person

Costs per person: € 12.50

Individual meeting snacks

Food gives you energy and keeps you sharp. Extra important for an intensive meeting or gathering. These snacks can be ordered separately at a time of your choice.

  • Marinated olives with feta | € 4.50
  • Freshly baked bread with dips | € 6.50
  • Tuna pate | served with toast and aïoli | €7.25
  • Mackerel fillet with pickle in spicy oil | served with toast and aïoli | €7.25
  • Sardines with vegetables in spicy oil | served with toast and aïoli | €7.25
  • Bitterballen with mustard | 8 pieces | €7.50
  • Cheese sticks with chili sauce | 8 pieces | €7.50
  • Gamba croquettes with mayonnaise | 6 pieces | €7.50
  • Vegetarian spring rolls with chili sauce | 8 pieces | €7.50
  • Bitter garnish | 8 pieces | €7.50
  • Borrelcones | 12 pieces | € 24.50
  • Charcuterie | various meats, cheeses and olives | €14.50
  • Snackplatter mix | cheese sticks, bitterballen, types of cheese, raw ham, dried sausage, truffle mayonnaise and bread | €18.50 (large)