Wine list

Bar Brasserie 'West-End' not only stands for delicious beers, but also for a special wine list. View our house wines here:

White wines

Terrasses du Sud | Chardonnay | € 3,75 per glass, € 18,50 per bottle
This golden yellow wine has aromas of tropical fruit, a nice acidity and a medium aftertaste.
Terrasses du Sud | Sauvignon Blanc | € 3,75 per glass, € 18,50 per bottle
The wine has a bright yellow color and gives notes of citrus and flowers with a lively, elegant taste.

Terrasses du Sud | Blanc Moelleux | € 3,75 per glass, € 18,50 per bottle
Grape varieties: Sauvignon, Sémillon and Muscadelle. Notes of ripe fruit and flowers are recognizable in the nose. The taste is full-bodied and smooth with a nice long finish.

Red wines

Terrasses du Sud | Merlot | € 3,75 per glass, € 18,50 per bottle
This wine has a dark purple color. The taste is harmonious and dry with notes of blackcurrant and liquorice. A full, round wine with an excellent aftertaste.
Terrasses du Sud | Cabernet Sauvignon | € 3,75 per glass, € 18,50 per bottle
A creamy, round wine with pronounced cassis aromas and a spicy, smooth finish.

Rosé wines

Terrasses du Sud | Rosé Shiraz/Cinsault | € 3,75 per glass, € 18,50 per bottle
A beautiful pink, fruity but firm rosé with aromas of red fruit and sugared candies. Ideal as an aperitif.

Sparkling wines

Terrasses du Sud | Brut Cuvée Prestige | Sprankekebd, dry white | blend | € 5,00 per glass, € 25,00 per bottle
The Cuvée Prestige is a delicate dry wine with mild acids and fine, lively bubbles. The aroma is reminiscent of pome fruits and citrus fruits.